Playful mood

I don’t actually wear to much color, just an ocational pop of red/blue here and there, but most of the time I’m a monochromatic person. For me there’s no color that can make you look better than black. Why is that!? Well, when I want to have a sophisticated vibe I always choose black, wheter is a simple LBD or a tailored suit you can never go wrong. The same happens when you are in a more playful mood, put some black pijama pants and a simple black shirt and you actually look put together! Even if you have some cheetos leftovers on the hair.
So there you have it, go ahead a give “black” a try and let me know what you think and this could actually be my answear to all the people who keeps asking me why I always wear black.

(ZARA jeans / SARAH BUSTANI blazer / FRANCO SARTO sandals / MICHAEL KORS watch / PRADA sunglases)


169 thoughts on “Playful mood

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